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Family Tours

Family Tours and Excursions in Morocco

Tours Family Doesn’t matter where you want your Morocco tour to start, we have the right Morocco family tour experience for you. Our scheduled Morocco guided tours below are suitable for all ages, especially for families with energetic, young explorers. Whether you want to go camelback riding, go swimming at the beach, or wander the vast Sahara desert, our Morocco holiday packages are perfect for the whole family. With unforgettable skylines and mountaintops that separate lush valleys from desolate desert sands, Nomadic Tours introduce you to mouthwatering food and legendary palaces to blossoming marketplaces of Morocco. With shorter drive times and more opportunities to stroll the city on foot or de-stress by the pool, Morocco's vibrant culture and unique, old-world charm are waiting for you to share with your family. Whether you are a solo traveler or with a companion, enjoy same-gender-room-share accommodations that can be upgraded to a single private room. Start today and select any of our highly recommended Morocco family tour packages below, an endless adventure filled with remarkable color and memorable mystique awaits. Family Tours Designed for younger travelers, our Moroccan Family Tour packages allow you and your whole family to visit many of the spectacular highlights of Morocco. With safety and enjoyment as top priorities, we have thoughtfully outlined our Morocco travel itinerary to include a beach option and child-friendly hotels with relaxing pools to cool them down. A great way to spend quality time together, our family travel packages are perfect for all children and children.